A little truck, big mountains and a sense of adventure

Well, I have spent the last year and a half in Colorado, and I have to say – WOW what a great experience!  But I guess I should start at the beginning, I have enjoyed the outdoors and all it has to offer since I can remember – also I have enjoyed working on vehicles.  These 2 passions have came together when I arrived in Colorado Springs.  I bought my Land Rover D2, for its heritage as a great off road vehicle.  Although fully stock, it was capable, but the Rover did need some TLC (as do most 12 yr old Land Rovers). It served as a good daily driver… but I wanted it to be more ;).  So the journey down the path of Overlanding Expeditions started.


Over the last year or so, I have been slowly building the Rover up for off road adventures… it is almost there.  For more on the Rover, see Land Rover Projects.  To date is has taken me to many hard to reach mountain passes and back country areas… allowing me to find stunning views of the Rockies.

The adventure that the Rover gets me out to are hikes, mountain biking, mountain passes, and outdoors excursions (in general).  To see some of these great adventures have a look at the Adventures section.  One may be off roading, others will be snow shoeing and other could be epic mountain passes… all of which lend themselves to my photography hobby.

There is a fantastic community of Land Rover owners, Expedition Adventurers and Outdoors enthusiasts which have inspired me to share my experiences in the Colorado outdoors.  Also I want to share some of the Trials and Tribulations of Land Rover ownership :D.  I hope that my passion and enthusiasm will encourage others to get out and find what they love. I know that there are inspiring stories out there… as I have stumble upon several of them. The one that inspired me to the point of getting out and publishing my own stories was The road choose me A great story about a guy and his adventures navigating throughout North America and soon his adventure of navigating around Africa. If you have a chance I highly recommend you take a few minutes and read his some of his story (it may inspire you too).



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