The Land Rover wave.

Okay, this is one of those things you either get or don’t.  I have owned some great vehicles, like the VW Westfalia, Toyota SR5 pickup, and now the Land Rover Discovery 2.  All of these vehicles – generally speaking – have a great community of owners.  Along with that community comes some type of comradely.  Usually in the form of a wave…

I was curious, as it turns out there is a hierarchy to the wave.  I have noticed that the Discovery community is not ‘fond’ of the wave here in Colorado.  I do however do my best to encourage it 🙂 waving to my fellow Rover owners.  I found several good articles on the wave and how it got started as well as wave etiquette:

A Rover owners view of the wave

These are a couple… just do a quick Google and you will see it is quite a topic of discussion.  I know that I want to share my excitement with like minded Rover owners … and it seems that the other owners (for the most part) feel the same.  There is this great graphic that I ‘borrowed’ from another blog, it is worth re-sharing.  waveI hope that if I see any of you on the road you will return the wave and smile, knowing that we share the same love of our quirky Rovers.

Till then Rover on and keep the shinny side up!

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