Ouray/Telluride 2015 trip

Adventure_headerPlanning from Oct ’15 trip to Ouray and Telluride.

So it started out as a ‘good idea’ and matured from there.  I was reading some of the Off Road Expedition articles and then looked at the videos on you tube for Black Bear Pass (WOW!).  From that point on I was sold!!


With my mind set on getting out to this fantastic area in the Colorado Rockies… planning had to start right away.  The first question I asked – ‘when is the best time…’  After a little contemplation and schedule juggling, October time frame was selected.  The combination of little to no snow, good weather, and the amazing fall colours – how could I go wrong.

The planning tools I used – google earth (0f course), Trail Damage.com and finally a couple of the Ghost Town books.  The only other thing that was tough to decide was how much time was needed.  In the end – as with all trips – there is never enough time.  But this trip was 3 days.

The route was:

There was a long transit time (~ 5 hrs)… but we took Owl Creek Pass as it only adds a few more minutes.  However it is not a rough off road trail, that being said, the views are SPECTACULAR!  Now that you have seen the map, and planning items… the final itinerary was:

  1. Day one – transit… with stops in small town and Black Canyon National Park, with final destination of Ouray.
  2. Day two – Off road… Black Bear Pass, Imogene Pass back to Ouray.
  3. Day three – Off road / transit home… Engineer Pass, Alpine Loop and home.

The 4 trails were of varying difficulty, from extreme to easy.  But all of them were breath taking in one way or another! I would highly recommend this trip and area to everyone. It has awe inspiring views, eclectic towns, and history all wrapped in the Colorado Rockies!  There is nothing more you could ask of a short 3 day trip.

I was impressed!! The Rover performed magnificently! Climbing the most challenging hills, crawling the decent with easy and never once an issue.  Even with the 6 hr transit she was happily cruising along!

In preparation for the expedition I did do full fluid flush with a once over for the drive train. Which didn’t find any issue… but as we all know the Rover does like her attention, so routine maintenance is the order of any trip (long or short).

Here are a video and a few more photos from the trip:

I hope that you will be inspired to get out and experience this same area… it was awe inspiring and an experience that is unique to Colorado and the Ouray / Telluride area.

These are the links to the trails for more information:

Owl Creek Pass
Black Bear Pass
Imogene Pass
Engineer Pass

Cheers and happy off roading!!

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