Rear Diff – who needs it ;)

Early July, 2015… a group of us prepared to make a run up Mt Baldy a popular trail.  The weather was optimal (mostly) and trucks were good to go. Or so I thought 🙂

We departed early in the morning 3 trucks, 2 of my boys, and a visitor from Alaska as a passenger. We started strong, lots of climbs with great views and worked the trucks a bit… overall great fun. 11696334_10155758682225162_5126167461422625061_o

There was a point where we were crawling over some slight rocky sections – and that is when IT happened.

There was some small wheel spin on a rock… and… BANG!  See the video, you’ll hear it.  Then the rear wheels won’t grab… hmmm.  What could that be?  Not sure, but I think the rear diff has packed it in.

So the adventure begins… first off getting the truck home, second getting the rear diff fixed.  I think I can do it.

There is a fair amount of resources and pointer on the internet (youtube specifically).  I recommend that you take some time and look it over. I was lucky enough to have access to a full garage with lift and air for air tools.

In total the job took about 4 hrs – that was the first time. However I know for a fact that it can be done in 2 hrs (as I had to do it again).  The hardest part was getting the half shafts out… the 4 bolts that hold them in needed to be coaxed off.

Total time and cost was – as I said 4 hrs for this job and $60.00 for a good used diff plus the $36.00 for the use of the garage.  Oh and the $40.00 for the pizza and beer for the helpers 😉

It was a great experience, getting to build confidence in the truck and my repair skills!  I love my Rover and it’s quirks… hope that you’ll find some value in seeing you can tend to your Rover too.  Cheers!


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