Colorado Springs – Grand Junction – Moab (Day 1)

So… the day arrived, 22 April – day 1 of the Moab trip.  I started off with an early wake up – 0515 hrs and finished packing the truck and said my goodbyes to the family for the next 3 days.  Off we went, well not so fast 😦

The Toyota Land Cruiser that was being towed by the Rover… well the brakes were just done and guess what.  They were smoking 😦 guessing that they were not adjusted right.  

 So off with the wheels and drums… adjust the brakes and back together.  AND now off we go.. well not so fast, literally :).  The Rover towing a Land Cruiser can only do 55 mph… so we were not going anywhere fast LOL!

Approximately 5 hrs later and 1.5 tanks of gas we made it to Grand Junction.  Unload the Cruiser, set the brakes and off to the grocery store for food and supplies. 😀 BUT wait.. nope the brakes on the Cruiser are now not working… too soft :(. So the plan turns to divide and conquer.  1 person for supplies and the other 2 for repairs.  

Those thing are done and NOW we are ready to start the Kokopelli trail… but it is now 1700 hrs and we are running out of light.  The initial plan was to hit the trail at 1200 hrs and make Tope of the World – but that is not possible now.  So we got to Bitter Creek and set up camp for the night.   

 Looking forward to an amazing day 2..more adventures to follow.

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