New tires for the Rover

After the Moab trip, the tires where pretty torn up… took a 3″ round chunk out of the sidewall 😦  However the tires performed GREAT – did a 3-4 hr trail and 400+ mi with the sidewall torn.  AWESOME!  The tire finally gave out just as I pulled in the drive way 2 days after our trip. (here’s the damage)IMG_0055

So ordered a more aggressive
tire set to replace the compromised set… got them from Treadwright. The claw was my choice, in 265/75/R16 (a bit bigger too).

I ordered the tires on a Monday and received them on the Saturday.  As soon as they arrived I took them to install.  I was lucky to have a local hobby shop that had all the right equipment to do the install… but I had to do the work.  A bit unnerving removing and installing, but got it done in about 2 hrs.

So the final result was pretty nice (I think).  The Rover is ready to step out into the big outdoors again.  So bring on the trails!

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