Mt Antero attempt Nov 27th, 2016

So, winter this year in Colorado has been late in coming.  The last 3 weekends I’ve been lucky enough to get out into the Rockie Mountains and do some of the passes (Hancock, Tomichi, and Mosquito) which is not normal for here…

The Land Rover has been performing well, no isIMG_2758.jpgsues (knock on wood 😉 ).  The family has been able to get out and enjoy some of the wonderful treasures of the Colorado Rockies.  This particular adventure was supposed to get us up to the summit of Mt Antero (14,269 ft) and at the same time divert to a small ghost mine and short lake hike.

You know what they say – best made plans 🙂  Well this outing didn’t go as planned.  The first 1/4 mile, uphill I discovered we were driving on a sheet of ice… :(.  Here you can see we had to winch down, adventurous for sure.  In the end we made it down safe and sound.  But with most of the day still ahead of us – what to do?IMG_2815.JPG

St Elmo, CO was just down the road a couple miles.  That is where the Trail Head is for Tincup Pass.  The weather was so peaceful, ligth snow and no wind.

The trail is rated fairly easy (3) and with the snow it was scenic.

The Land Rover loves the snow… and was a champ.  I have to say I really enjoy driving it on the trail snow or not, but in the snow is where it shines.  The only issue on this whole trip was the Smitty Built XR2 winch that failed and needed trail repair… it’s going back to the 4×4 Store.

I have to say, this trip will probably be the last time this winter up to any summits. But what a spectacular way to end the off roading season. I would still like to take a run at Mt Antero in the Spring – without the ice.

2 thoughts on “Mt Antero attempt Nov 27th, 2016

  1. Paul, ya bit of a bummer… but quick thinking of my friend helped get the winch going. The power pin corroded and it snapped off. He thought of using a paper clip to make the connection :). Saved the day. Have lifetime warranty so just have to go swap it.


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