Argentine Pass

So in Jul, 2016 a good friend asked if I wanted to head off road… he suggested Argentine Pass to see the famous mine site – Santiago Gold Mine. This is fantastic route, it takes you from Georgetown just of the I-70 and up Guanella Pass and then off road up to mine site for Santiago.

The sights are out of this world (like most Colorado sights), but at several points you are topping 11 – 12,000 ft and the mountain tops go on seemingly forever. _mg_8379I will never get tired of these views.  As for an off road experience, it is no more than a 2 out of 10.  HOWEVER from a scenery perspective, 11 out of 10 for sure!

The Rover had little trouble with any of the trail… although the altitude played some havoc with the cooling system – we were crawling up some of the steep sections and temps climbed a bit.  Nothing serious, but slow speeds and engine working hard was a bit tough on the Rover.

I highly recommend this trail it is not difficult, but amazing views and history.  Details on Argentine Pass.

The Rover has proven it’s worth, able to get to these amazing place that are not easily visited. Hope to continue this for the limited time I am in Colorado :D.  Safe wheeling to all of you.


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