Trials and Tribulations of Rover ownership.

Well the last few months has been a struggle with the Rover… not so much so that I have to sell her (Although I tried…).  So as my daily driver, I know my Land Rover very well (or so I thought.  One weekend we went from Colorado Springs to Keystone for a family ski day – this is around 375 mi round trip.  img_4083That evening, I went out – once I got to where I was going parked and them came out to head home.  Sooooo you think it would start as per normal – nope.  I caught a ride home that night.

I spent the  evening trying to figure it out… to no avail.  At that time a friend with a car dolly towed the Rover home… with very poor luck 😦  The Rover jumped off the dolly and flopped all over the road – this kicked up all the kit in the back and smashed out a rear window. (Thank you insurance).

At the end of my rope… I searched for Land Rover Repair in Colorado Springs. I selected Pikes Peak Rover Specialists (Eric) and he was a god send.  Within no time diagnosed the problem – believe it or not it was the fuse box (like the whole thing?!?!).  So a few hundred dollars later I am up and running 😀 (back to loving my Rover).

On the way back down from Mt Bross (14,465 ft)
I have been fortunate enough to have a Land Rover that is a bit fickle, but no major issues. She runs when I need her to and has not left me in the out back :).  The spirit of Land Rover   is strong in this rig – it goes where few rigs have gone and keeps going.  😀  I will continue to feed the Rover’s need to explore!  Oh and keep up the maintenance – LOL!

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