The Decision

Ok, here it is… I have been in Colorado for the last 3 years.  It has been a great experience, but it does have to come to an end.  I am a Canadian working here and have to go back shortly.  The Land Rover has added to the experience AND frankly it is the embodiment of all the things that I love about Colorade!  AND it also has facilitated the experience – it has take me to the mountain tops of the Rockies, to the historic towns tucked over a mountain pass and in those hard to get to places.  It has taken me to the treasures of Utah… every awesome experience, there it is close by 😀

SO my delema, I want to keep the 2002 that I have, but it is long in the tooth and needs some TLC.  Also, there are some rules about what I can bring back to Canada.  So I embarked on a hunt for information – what do I need in order for the Land Rover to be imported to Canada.  Let me tell you… this is not an easy task.  BUT after some time (3 months) I had the major details.

The next step is to decide on fix the old or find a newer one.  I flip flopped for a bit, trying to decide on:

  • how much money to spend
  • what options I would like
  • what mods I wanted
  • FINALLY – what would the budget be

Eventually I came to the decision to buy a new one.  Now to find one that is in good shape (preferrably from Colorado, Utah, New Mexico.. someplace with no rust) and low miles.  Easy right??  NOPE.  There are a lot of these trucks around, but that met the criteria – not many.  In the end I found this one:

A lonely 2003 SD Land Rover Discovery 2, bare bones with no options.  No sunroofs to leak, no heated seats etc…  BUT a new OME 2″ lift, cleaned up and looking for a home.  The story was – driving and lots of noise, rattles etc.  My thought – bad oil pump, maybe get lucky.

BUT not the case… failed main baring 😦

oh, crap… this is what a failed baring looks like

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