Project – Overland mod of 2003 LR Discovery 2

OK… so Disco bought 😉 now what.  Well there are a plethera of mods, upgrades that can be done.  BUT which ones do I want, which ones do I need and which ones are just cool? There are so many and the only limiting factor is $$. My limiting factor on this project is 8000.00, which is reasonable (I believe).

So to start what will I do with the Land Rover Discovery 2?  Here is how I envision using the Disco:

  • Exploring the area – old trails, railways, etc
  • Overlanding  – reaching destinations (ghost towns, BLM, out of the way lakes)
  • Adventure seeking – hard to reach trail heads for hikes, MTB trips

So there it is…  WHAT it won’t be used for is:

  • Rock crawling
  • Extreme off-roading

Knowing how I want to used the Disco will allow me to make an informed decision on what to put the limited funds towards.  Here is what I’m planning on doing to the 2003 Land Rover Discovery in order of priority 🙂

  1. Engine repair (Pikes Peak Rovers) – more than I expected but necessary (obviously).  2200.00
  2. Differential upgrade (GBR Utah) – this is from experience, the LR diffs are a weak spot.  3200.00
  3. Center Diff Lock (CDL) – this too is from experience, without this you could end up stranded on the trail.  400.00
  4. Front sway bar disconnect (Slick Rock Fab) – this is to get better off road handling and flex.  200.00
  5. Armor (Tactical Rovers)- this only makes sense to protect all of the above 😀  1000.00

GRAND TOTAL: $6600.00

Once this is all done, the Discovery will be un-stoppable (for my purposes) and will get me to all those amazing / awe inspiring places… you know the ones


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