The Project Starts

Here I am 12 months from getting ready to head back to Canada (yeah!), but there is a down side… importing a vehicle.  Doesn’t sound like much trouble… does it?  Well there are several factors that I worried about:

2002 Land Rover Discovery 2
  • mpg – my current Disco 2 is a 2002 and it gets a whopping 10 mpg (ugh)
  • mods – the Registrar of Imported Vehicles (RIV) has regulations for mods / lifts
  • condition – my 2002 Disco 2 has 208,000 mi and spent a couple yrs in NY (aka rust)

There were other factors, but these were the biggies.  The mpg is big only because gas is 3 or 4 time more in Canada (big deal at 10 mpg), and I want to use the Disco as a daily driver.  Kind of a show stopper if you’re on a budget (which might be the case).

The mods, well the 2002 has 2″ lift, CDL, amongst others.  That was a big deal.  However after some more in-depth research – it could pass an inspection.  But that is an ‘if’.  This ended up not being an issue.

The 2002 is in good condition mechanically – engine, drive train are well maintained… but still at 200,000 mi plus, there are items / issues that will need to be watched and given the standard Land Rover TLC 🙂  As my daily driver here and when I get back to Canada – this could be an issue.  Again… not a huge show stopper.

SO why did I buy another Land Rover Discovery 2 – well that is easy. I really wanted to go for the Defender (but at 40,000.00 plus), it was not financially feasible.  Plus I have grown to love the Discovery 2.  The cost of getting a Discovery 2 and adding the mods is below $10,000 and the vehicle you have at the end is tough, capable and a LAND ROVER :D. Need I say more 😉

Land Rovers rock… and I love what they embody.

SO purchased a 2003 – not the 2004 I was hoping to find… but still a great truck 😀  initial cost was 1000.00.  AND this one is Canada bound.

2003 Land Rover Discovery 2 – 126,630 mi on chasis and rebuilt 4.6 ltr (pre build)

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