2003 Discovery up and running

So, now we have a running Disco, time to add the mods :D.  Let the fun begin…  oh and the spending $$$$.  So as we talked about last time, the mods that I’m going to add are:

  • D1 CDL locking modification
  • Great Basin Rovers, Utah TrueTrac front and rear along with HD rear driveshaft
  • Sway bar disconnects from Slick Rock Fabrication
  • Tactical Rovers rear bumper and tire carrier

This should be all the Rover really needs to be a more solid platform for Overlanding and exploring the mountains.  So I was in such a hurry to get my rig going… I had Pikes Peak Rovers do the install on the diffs and D1 CDL mod – bit expensive, but done right and quickly.

So, now we can get into some of the details and then hopefully to the fun stuff… TRAIL RUNS out to the spectacular locations around Colorado and the surrounding states.  I’ll talk to each project and what it cost, why I chose to do it and what the difficulties were.  😀

Rover on… and keep the shiny side up.

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