1st Project – Center Differential Locker

So, the first step in the modification journey for the 03 Discovery 2 starts with the Center Differential Locker (CDL).  There is a lot of information in the forums, and it depends on who you listen to.  There are two camps, one is the traction control (TC) works well and if driven right, nothing else is needed. The other camp is that looking at the Discovery line, in 04 Land Rover added the CDL back. CDL adds to the platform, making it more capable. The Discovery line has the ‘bits’ in the Transfer Case on the D2 from 1999 – 2001 and then was removed until 2004.  However you can add it on as a mode fairly easily…  this was my choice.

Here is the disassembly of the 2003 center console, it requires some  work to get in there… including the drilling of rivets that hold the access cover on.

For this mod, I felt that I could have done it – HOWEVER – I went with Pikes Peak Rovers for the install.  Having a professional do the work is piece of mind.  For those that want to venture on into this mod, here is one of the best references.

More shots of the work getting done:

And the final product was very well done, Eric at Pikes Peak Rovers did a great job.  I have to say that I am very happy with the outcome.

So a couple of words, first off this mod could potentially save you out on the trail from being stranded.  If either of the differentials were to fail, with CDL you can limp home – remove your driveshaft of the affected axle and drive home.  Without CDL you will have to be towed off the trail 😦  So this is worth the mod in my opinion, especially knowing that the Discovery 2 differentials are a weak point.  Now if that was not enough, then perhaps the added capability will make the difference, with this mod the Discovery 2 will climb and push through most obstacles, making it one of the most capable off-road platforms on the trail at a fraction of the cost of similar vehicles.

Now to the important part… COST

  • D1 transfer case front – 100.00
  • D1 shifter – 75.00
  • Installation – 600.00 (7hrs @ 85.00/hour)
  • TOTAL: 775.00

Hope you found this interesting and useful… next time will be to address the LR differentials.


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