Weekend Rover Work

Only had a few hours to do some small items on the Rover.  I was limited to doing the purge valve as it has failed (causing the SES to come on), and install my GBR Utah heavy-duty front driveshaft. 😀

Ok… so started with the ‘easy’ stuff… the purge valve.  The hardest part of doing this is those stupid brackets.  They are such a PITA – but once that is done, easily broke the seal on the hose.  Then swapped in the new (to me) one.  BAM! one task down and onto the more interesting job.

Bill at GBR put together a HD front driveshaft for me… and man it looks nice!  AND it does look heavy duty%fWBlSYKzTrzmu7t%zw

The green one is the GBR driveshaft, and it looks more solid.  BUT this ‘simple job quickly took a turn… ;).  To access all the bolts I had to move the truck back several inches a time… ugh.  AND the nuts were torque to some un-godly amount.  I think that this job would have been easier at the auto club, where you have access to a lift.  I spent a lot of time up and down.

But in the end 😀 looks awesome!!FDrKO4uyQVSOcNa%pkVLnw

Small jobs done…. :D.  Next time hope to tackle some of the more intensive jobs, front drag link and panhard.  😀

Rover on!!  Till next time.

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