Argentine Pass November 2017

So had the chance to hit the trail with some great ppl, Drew, Brant and a fellow Rover driver (who we just met). The trail we chose was Argentine Pass, close to George Town, Colorado. It has a nice mix of fire road, rocky trails, abandoned mines, and spectacular views.

So we had a mix… 2 Jeeps and 2 Land Rovers – not saying it was a challenge but maybe it seemed that way :D. All the vehicles performed well and we made it a good portion of the way up, however the snow eventually stopped us.

The old mine site that we made it up to is called Santiago Mine, now abandoned, but it was a significant site from the early 1900’s. This site is in the process of being restored, so if you go, tread lightly. 🙂 Take photos and nothing else, so others can enjoy this historic site.

Considering that the trail was above 11,000 ft and the Rovers mid-size power plant, I would say she performed well. We did everything from steep climbs up rocky trails (I say a 3 out of 10), 2-3 ft of snow, and just generally steep rough road and out of all this, the Rover did very well especially in the snow. If it was not for some of the other vehicles stopping (aka getting stuck) the Rover would have easily continued up the trail. The engine temps stayed solid 188 F and the only complaint I had was the fuel economy… but hey it’s a Rover 😉

This trip was amazing and if we would have made the summit, that would have been the cherry on top… with views of Greys and Torries. However we only got about 2/3 the way up… still a great day!! And well over 13,000 ft not too shabby.

Hope some of you make it out to this location as it is a trails that is not too busy but close enough to be a nice day trip with a finish in the small town of George Town.

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