Mosquito Pass

One of my favorite things to get out and do is to ‘experience’ the history here in Colorado while off-roading, and taking photos. There are so many ghost towns and abandoned mines, I won’t be able to see them all. But I have a couple that are big enough to go to multiple time, London Mines is one of those places.

With the winter snow melting, there was time and the weather was on my side :). Once again set off early (0530 hrs) for the road trip to the Trail Head 2 hrs away.  I was joined by some a friend and his son, always nice to have a trail buddy – right?  The drive to the Trail Head was ‘uneventful’ but long.

Once on the trail, we set out to get to London Mines… well that was eventful 🙂

After the fun… we explored the site and set off to summit Mosquito Pass. Well lets say that Mother Nature had other plans for us… LOL! We were not able to make it up the pass due to snow covered sheets of ice – we decided to call it a day. Always smart to call a trip and save you and your vehicle the chance of damage or worse – right?

Never the less a wonderful day with friends on the trail exploring.

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