Overlanding Upgrades 2nd Project – Drive Train

Why the Drive train – well lets say I have personally experienced the Rovers weekends (twice). Once you commit to upgrading the Rover and put new, good quality, tires on that are bigger than stock, well you are bound to run into the issue yourself – the differentials are the first thing to ‘give’ in an off road scenario.

In discussions with Bill Davis of GBR a super guy and very knowledgeable on Rovers… I spent a good amount of time chatting with Bill regarding the drivetrain and what should be upgraded. In his experience, the Traction Control (TC) works well, however if continuous off reading the eventual outcome is differential failure… this (Bill figures) is caused by the TC causing extra stress on the gears – ending in failure

After discussion with Bill, the choices were, fully locked, partially locked or upgraded differential. I chose the middle ground and went with Detroit Trutrac it was not over the top expensive and was still a good option for a daily driver.

Installation – so my choices were:

  • DIY
  • Shop

In the end it came down to time for me… I paid the 300.00 dollars to have Pikes Peak Rovers do the installation. It was only 10% of the total cost and done in a day.

The end product was an improved version of the Rover… more durable and ready for the tough trails of the Colorado Rockies 😀

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