Overlanding Upgrades 3rd Project – Steering

Why the steering

  • what will this mode do for the rig
  • parts, companies selected
  • I bought all the parts for this upgrade months ago 🙂 however it took me till I was moving to get it done. In the end there was not a lot gained from the upgrade… save the more sturdy parts and better bushings.
  • The Rover drives relatively the same, but I have more confidence is the strength of the drag link etc if I go off road where the rocks are big and clearance is close…
  • I chose to go with Terrafirma, as their stuff was more cost effective than some of the others, but may have given up slightly on the on build quality. But at 350.00 dollars, vs. the others (Rovertyme, Rockworks… etc) it was worth it. I would recommend that you do an assessment of your needs, as I will likely not be in the situation where I will need to worry too much about these parts.
  • I am pretty happy with he build to date… the Rover performs very well for her class and keeps up with those big fancy Jeeps 😀 – mostly. Right now the only issue I have run across is the width. The Jeeps line is wider and therefore I need to be wary of those lines… but it also frees the Rover up for picking her own line and making some of the trail obstacles slightly easier… 😀
  • Well hope this was interesting… till next project or adventure!
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