Moving – off to Kingston, Ontario

So, after 4 wonderful years in Colorado it is time to move back home. Gonna miss the Rockies and all its glorious beauty. BUT welcome the nice scenery of Ontario and the great lakes. Already been out MTBing and there is always an adventure near by (well, not as near by OR adventurous as Colorado admittedly…).

The trip was some 1700 miles of family adventures :).  The Rover despite the horrible mileage and the noisy safari rack, was cooperative.  There was only one issue… had the Rover looked at by Pikes Peak Rover and the rear differential pinion seal was leaking slightly.  SO preventative maintenance – I had it ‘fixed’.

After 400 miles, gear oil everywhere… 😦  Called and chatted with Eric, might be the flange vs. the seal that was replaced.  Since the differentials were only 6 mo. old, I called Bill at GBR to address the issue.  He was quick to reply – even though he was on holidays (thanks Bill).  Again nothing to be done at the moment…  but he did run through some of the common issues that could be checked.  Long story short – oil leaked the entire 1700 miles.

Along the trip I figured I’d look to the Ottawa Land Rover group for a good Rover mechanic.  Had several replies from Facebook, what a great resource and the community is so supportive!!  I had the name of a shop/mechanic and within hours a phone call – WOW!  Adam at Diesel Rovers was great.

After only a week in Kingston, made the trek to Diesel Rover and had the repair done… and truck looked over.  Glad to say Rover is tip-top and ‘leak free’ for now.

Now to unpack and seek out the new and interesting locations.

MTB Kingston’s club house in the background with the Rover and bike posing.

Looking forward to sharing the adventures as they happen…  till then – Live your own adventure!!


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