Made it to Kingston…

So after the some 1500 mile trip from Colorado to our new home in Kingston, Ontario… we are slowing settling in.  The Rover was a champ, had some minor issues, but we’ll get to those.  Over all super happy with the move.

So you may be wondering what the ‘minor’ issue was, well I had the crew at Pikes Peak Rovers change my pinion seal on the rear diff and I replaced the upstream O2 sensors.  Well both of those jobs didn’t go as planned – pinion seal leaked after the first 500 miles, and the NGK sensors were garbage (note to self, only use Bosch).  So the outcome was truck ran rough and threw codes… as well as getting a free under coating (silver lining is that the undercoating is necessary in Ontario 😉 ).

Couple other points… man the Rover gets TERRIBLE mileage!  This may be partly my fault for all the accessories I’ve added but 13.8 mpg is not super  AND  here in Canada at 1.36 a liter WOW!!  Gonna have to plan my drives.

Super happy to be back in Canada and looking forward to the new adventures.

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