MTO Saftey… ugh!

So here we are getting the Rover ready for its Canadian citizenship ;).  I was not too worried, had a couple of issues that I thought might be trouble…  guess I should have worried more.

My list from the inspection…

  • Lights out (marker, brake, etc)
  • Tires have slices in side wall (thank you Colorado Rockies)
  • Steering knuckle touching the passenger tire sidewall
  • Rear Radius arms bushings cracked and worn

Well, SHOCKED and DISMAYED… especially because my new tires are now garbage 😦 also was not expecting the thousands of dollars that needed to be spent.  Est. bill with this was approx 2 – 3 thousand.


So my Rover training kicked in… I can do this.  😀

I ordered the bushings from LR Parts in the UK, 8 Euro per bushing, not too bad and shipping was 25.00 CDN.  So good start.  Parts arrived… well looks like I messed up the order or they did… either way didn’t have the right parts.  😦  Off to the computer again… ordered the correct bushings.

But I had already removed the radius arms, so… off the shop to have the bushings I did have, pressed in – **trouble ahead**.  The bushings were ‘difficult’ to press out according to the shop, 200.00 to have 4 bushings pressed out – HOLLY COW!!  And I have 2 more to do when the new ones arrive…. eek!

Next issue… the steering knuckle on passengers side.


So it with some discussion on the forums (love the Rover community, lots of great ppl with experience / knowledge they are willing to share)… the consensus is that the knuckle is bent.  SO in order to pass the safety I have to fix this – first choice is to use wheel adapters.  Which I happen to have.  BUT these adapters were cheap and ‘wobble’ at medium speed (not happy). Next thought… tires are too wide – on to get new tires.  1400.00 later… tadda! new tires on aaaannnnddd


better – sorta AND I lost 1″ of tire height 😦  BUT still not right.  Now with some more discussion with Lincoln from Albuquerque, the thought is the knuckle must be out of whack…. I’m going to have to get some quotes for the labor to replace the knuckle. BUT I have the part (thank you Ebay) and only 60.00 with shipping.


I’ll keep more information coming as the saga continues….

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