Old Hasting colonization road adventure

old_hastings_off-roadSo took the opportunity to finish Roaming Rally 2019, as I missed one section because of time constraints.  Made out – weather was great, company was awesome (Wes & Sean)… sadly I lost my co-pilot, as he was not interested (next time Scott).

Well, this leg was packed with some great Ontario history and nice views of the rolling hills and green tree tops (miss the mountain, but this is its own kind of special).  The trip took us along the hydro lines to the top of Rock Candy Mtn, presenting the views I was talking about.

Then we hit Old Hastings colonization Rd, and what a bit of history.  I’m telling you it is cool.  Not a 4wheel drive road, but a twisty, rolling gravel road.  packed with little pockets of history.  The story is quite interesting, if you want to know more check it out here

Great day with good ppl and a taste of Ontario back country.  Hope to continue the adventures.

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