Ontario Off-Raod Rally for Charity ’19

Well I just happened across this rally looking at the Ontario Overlanding, it’s a charity rally for V42 a good cause AND a good reason to get out into Central Ontario’s back country.  SO… registered and Aug 3 hit the trails some great ppl for a good cause.

This was ONLY 1/2 the planned route, but time got the better of us.  What a great area to explore… next time we’ll need to double our time est. for the route.

The adventure started in Tweed, ON about an hours drive from the house.  The group hit the trail at 0900 hrs 🙂 and what a great bunch of people.  Lots of experience and loved the smiles!


So the trip starts off on mostly gravel or crushed rock on Old Hastings Rd, but the scenery is really nice.  To top that off the history here is plentiful.  If only we had more time to explore the area better…. next time.  Well from the end of Old Hastings onto the ATV trails, and they don’t disappoint – nice trails with great Ontario back country sights.

The trails are not too technical, but just enough to keep you ‘busy’ and the scenerey on the trails is really nice.  There were 2 significant water crossings but we were able to get most of the group across AND there was a by pass if needed.

All in all, a great day!!!  Thanks to the guys over at Ontario Off-Road!  AND thank you to the group that we travelled with… amazing time with amazing people in the back country of Ontario.

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