So what do you do after a trail run??

On Sunday 3rd November, had an amazing time with the Land Rover Experience team at Montebello and fellow enthusiasts!  Did the obstacle track, a trail run etc… check out the last blog entry


On return to Montebello, the Rover started to ‘howl’ a bit, figured nothing big… just water and dirt – normal.  BUT it persisted and got louder.

Now the worry starts to set in… did I do something wrong?  Is there a major issue with the truck?  Is it going to be expensive 😉 etc. etc.  Once I did the 340 km home with the noise getting worse – I am concerned now.

Could not sleep that night… woke up at 0600 hrs and started in on the investigation, hoping it was not something like the transfer case or driveline issues.  Got it all apart – narrowed it down to the transfer case end of the front driveshaft.

Of note, Adam Chappell of Diesel Rovers had suggested that it was the driveshaft… and you guessed it.  IT WAS.  Thank you to Adam for helping find the issues and helping me sleep better 😉

To all those Rover owners out there… ensure you do daily / regular maintenance, that will help your trucks go for a very long time!  I know that sometime after trail runs, I will neglect the ‘basic’ stuff – grease / inspect fluids and driveline…etc.  Well I am paying for it now… thankfully it is simple (ish).

Remember ROVER ON!! have adventures, share them… and meet and share some time with fellow enthusiasts, its good for the soul 😉 OH and it’s fun.

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