So what do you do after a trail run??

On Sunday 3rd November, had an amazing time with the Land Rover Experience team at Montebello and fellow enthusiasts!  Did the obstacle track, a trail run etc… check out the last blog entry


On return to Montebello, the Rover started to ‘howl’ a bit, figured nothing big… just water and dirt – normal.  BUT it persisted and got louder.

Now the worry starts to set in… did I do something wrong?  Is there a major issue with the truck?  Is it going to be expensive 😉 etc. etc.  Once I did the 340 km home with the noise getting worse – I am concerned now.

Could not sleep that night… woke up at 0600 hrs and started in on the investigation, hoping it was not something like the transfer case or driveline issues.  Got it all apart – narrowed it down to the transfer case end of the front driveshaft.

Of note, Adam Chappell of Diesel Rovers had suggested that it was the driveshaft… and you guessed it.  IT WAS.  Thank you to Adam for helping find the issues and helping me sleep better 😉

To all those Rover owners out there… ensure you do daily / regular maintenance, that will help your trucks go for a very long time!  I know that sometime after trail runs, I will neglect the ‘basic’ stuff – grease / inspect fluids and driveline…etc.  Well I am paying for it now… thankfully it is simple (ish).

Remember ROVER ON!! have adventures, share them… and meet and share some time with fellow enthusiasts, its good for the soul 😉 OH and it’s fun.

Montebellow – Land Rover Experience

WELL… every Land Rover owner’s dream (besides owning a shiny Defender), to get out on the trail with Experience team!  Well, I was fortunate enough to be able to get out on the course with some amazing people.  The organizers did a fantastic job putting the day together.


There were 25 trucks, ranging from the hard-core Defender 90 to the LR3 that was stock except for the tires.  It was really quite something to see all these trucks out on the course – doing what they were built for.  AND the smiles – ear to ear!!  An enthusiast’s dream.

Our day started out at the Montebello hotel in front of the Land Rover Experience office, meeting all the excited participants AND the organizers.  The atmosphere was one of anticipation, everyone eager to get out on the trails.  However, there was the standard administration – driver brief, waivers etc.  BUT it was smooth and went quickly.

Once introductions were done and the briefing complete… OFF we went to the obstacle course.

To watch each driver, take their beloved Rover onto the course and ‘play’… was exciting.  It was like Christmas morning! I know for me – I was so giddy.  Look at all the obstacles to try.  WHERE TO START??  I think that I did all the obstacles at least 2 or 3 times!!

It was a sad announcement when the leaders indicated we had to leave for lunch… I would have played there for hours more.  However, the best part of the day was yet to come.  I’m sure they planned it that way 😉

After a very nice lunch, everyone gathered for another driver briefing.  There were 2 groups to hit the trail.  One intermediate and the other hard.

YUP – hard trail for this Rover 🙂

I have to say, the area is stunning!  We must have just missed the leaves turning (which would have added no doubt to the views), but either way the area is amazing.  I love getting out to places like this, but it is also important to remember – ‘Tread Lightly’ to ensure we can continue to get to places like these in the future.  Our trucks are big and if not handled well and with respect for the trail can do serious damage.

Pls if you go out on the trails to experience all that trails have to offer, act wisely and with respect to the trail. So, we can continue to enjoy the trail systems.

All the participants enjoyed the ‘hard’ trail run…. see the smiles!IMG_1745

After a spectacular experience, everyone headed back to the Montebello – with tales of trail challenges and how their Rovers conquered the ‘hard’ trail ;).  All I can say is…


This was a very enjoyable time… and hope that we can do it again soon!!  To all the fellow Rover owners, thank you for making this a safe and fun time!  Hope to see you at another Rover event soon.


Super excited that I was able to get into this event.  It was fully booked, sadly someones truck was not able to make it.  It turned out to be a great opportunity 😀 for me, sad that a Rover was not on the road, but it happens.  Looking forward to getting out on the LR experience trails.  My Rover is not 100% but it will – LOVE – the chance to get out on the trail.

Had this glimpse of the trail sent to me, by the staff

The ‘hard’ trail on the LR experience trail system.

Took the chance today to go for a afternoon drive with the wife, it was nice to get out and see the sights and lake.  The Rover was ‘posin’ for some snaps too… lol

I look forwar to sharing photos / videos of the expience… 🙂 bring on Sunday!!

Lost footage…

Came across this footage of Black Bear pass in Telluride, CO.  Totally forgot about it… but what an epic adventure that was!  Here is to finding amazing places here in Ontario.

I know the clip is long… but couldn’t resist.  It was much more intimidating in the truck 😀  Enjoy!

Mosquito Pass

One of my favorite things to get out and do is to ‘experience’ the history here in Colorado while off-roading, and taking photos. There are so many ghost towns and abandoned mines, I won’t be able to see them all. But I have a couple that are big enough to go to multiple time, London Mines is one of those places.

With the winter snow melting, there was time and the weather was on my side :). Once again set off early (0530 hrs) for the road trip to the Trail Head 2 hrs away.  I was joined by some a friend and his son, always nice to have a trail buddy – right?  The drive to the Trail Head was ‘uneventful’ but long.

Once on the trail, we set out to get to London Mines… well that was eventful 🙂

After the fun… we explored the site and set off to summit Mosquito Pass. Well lets say that Mother Nature had other plans for us… LOL! We were not able to make it up the pass due to snow covered sheets of ice – we decided to call it a day. Always smart to call a trip and save you and your vehicle the chance of damage or worse – right?

Never the less a wonderful day with friends on the trail exploring.

2003 Discovery up and running

So, now we have a running Disco, time to add the mods :D.  Let the fun begin…  oh and the spending $$$$.  So as we talked about last time, the mods that I’m going to add are:

  • D1 CDL locking modification
  • Great Basin Rovers, Utah TrueTrac front and rear along with HD rear driveshaft
  • Sway bar disconnects from Slick Rock Fabrication
  • Tactical Rovers rear bumper and tire carrier

This should be all the Rover really needs to be a more solid platform for Overlanding and exploring the mountains.  So I was in such a hurry to get my rig going… I had Pikes Peak Rovers do the install on the diffs and D1 CDL mod – bit expensive, but done right and quickly.

So, now we can get into some of the details and then hopefully to the fun stuff… TRAIL RUNS out to the spectacular locations around Colorado and the surrounding states.  I’ll talk to each project and what it cost, why I chose to do it and what the difficulties were.  😀

Rover on… and keep the shiny side up.